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Hi there!I’m a mother of two, have a super exciting job, but in my spare time I create art, mostly using watercolours.

When my art started to sell I got interested in the business of art, – and the art of business.

Diving into this subject, I realized I wanted to share the knowledge with you along the way.

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So I created this site, LearnArtBusiness.com.

Reading end of July 2015, the site has just gone live, so hope I you’d like to follow along as it hopefully buds and grows.


I will be sharing tutorials on watercolours, interviews with artists, gallery owners and art buyers, tips and reviews. I will also be sharing articles about things of interest regarding business, art and everything between.

And, I invite you to participate.

Quote idea - learnartbusiness.com

Tell me about what you like to read about. Artists of interest, cool art making techniques, who to interview, art events, management and business hacks, and everything else you can think of touching art, business or both.

Email me, use the comments or the contact sheet to tell me your view. I really look forward to hearing from you.

Meanwhile, start reading here, and… Enjoy!

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July 2015


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