I had been following her on instagram for a while, appreciating her tiny, expressive paintings.

But this small painting by Kyra Rousselle, I must say, took me by surprise!

It’s such an expressive painting, yet soo small!!

So I just had to ask her a few questions, for the LAB artist mini interview:

I actually found your work while you were doing a 100-days challenge project, back in 2016. I just loved how expressive and tender your small pieces were. Can you tell me about the project?

My 100-day project was an internationally organised personal challenge for artists, and about 1500 artists worldwide participated that year I think, and was hashtagget with #100daysproject2016. This specific piece was day 33 of the challenge., where I wanted to paint my hundred happy places.

How did you make this specific piece?
This is a tiny oil painting on recycled timber.

What is your favourite tool when painting?
My favourite tool is probably the tiny angled headed brush I used here ( favourite at the moment) it looks like someone has accidentally bent it but it’s made like that.

Thank you Kyra for joining in to answer my questions! Here’s another piece by her, that is just so cute, and very different from the first one.

And here are a few newer works she has recently published, in a bigger scale. They are absolutely stunning…!

She’s one to keep an eye on, so go follow Kyra Rousselle on instagram here 🙂

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