Have you ever heard someone talk about that some spots in a gallery sell more pieces of art than others? That by moving a piece of art, it’s more likely to sell?

I’ve just read an interesting article over at Red Dot, where the owner talks about this phenomenon. He also discusses possible explanations. The owner of the gallery even calls the spots magical, with a little side grin;-)

It seems like there is a tendency that some corners, locations, walls, spots, pedestals sell more frequently art than others. Might it be the light? The intimacy? The location of the front door? The smell? The comfort? The edginess? The match between artist and location? A natural tendency to walk bottom and right when entering a gallery?

There’s also an interesting discussion below his article about what might be the reason. There are so many insightful comments by readers. I highly recommend you to go over and have a look, both at the article and the comments below.

Meanwhile, what is your setup if you exhibit in your studio or in a gallery? Are you aware of where your space hotspots are? Have you experienced similar hotspots as in the article? Or have you discovered other ways to better display your art?

Leave your insights in the comments below!

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