When working with watercolours, or any other painting technique, masking fluid is a very handy tool. 

Masking fluid, also known as masking liquid, or liquid frisket, is used for blocking out parts of your painting. 

The blocked out parts are covered by the masking fluid, and following layers of paint will not stick to the masked out areas. 

This is often used to preserve white (paper) in watercolour paintings, or to preserve light areas to be painted later.

Problem is, the masking fluid is sticky, dries fast, and is very difficult to remove from your brush.

Even when you wash your brush right after using the masking fluid, I´ve experienced that my brush is already ruined.

Until I came across this awesome, and easy tip, to save your brush.  Best part is, you probably have what you nead already in your cupboard.

So, here we go, to save your brush from the masking fluid monster:

  1. Find a soap bar, you know, the old fashioned block type. (I guess anything will do, but always test on a paper piece that doesn´t break your heart if it get´s ruined. I actually use the first soap bar I found, one that is decorated with pressed flowers..!)
  2. Take your brush, dip it in water, and load it with soap by swirling the brush on top of the soap bar, just as you would do to load it with paint. 
  3. Gently remove excess soap by “painting” a few strokes on a spare paper.
  4. Now, you are good to go. The soap protects your brush, while you can consentrate on using the masking fluid. 
  5. As soon as your are finished, wash your brush. The masking fluid should come off very easely! 
  6. Remember to redo step 1-3 if you wash the brush during the proscess.

Hope this trick helps you as mush as it has helped me! 

Make sure to check out my very first youtube video here, on How To Paint a Snowy Mountain with atercolours.

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