Recognize this? You are busy doing something else, then, unexpectedly you are caught by surprise by something amazing? 

My three favourites paintings of this September are all paintings that caught me by surprise, because they were stunningly connective

They connected with me in an almost intrusive way, and I couldn’t get them out of my mind.

For me, that is a quality indicator. The artist tells a story through the painting, I see it, I connect. Message delivered. Perfect.

So, are you ready to experience my absolute favourites of September? Let’s dive into it! Here they are:

1. Circles by Erik Formoe

Circles by Erik Formoe -

Circles – Acrylic on canvas 2015 – 122x122cm

I could have described this painting with this one word, Captivating. The figures gaze is direct and kind of arrogant, yet beautiful and mysterious. It seems like he has something very important to tell, and he needs your absolute attention before telling.

At his web page, Formoes style is described like this; 

At the first encounter, Formoe´s paintings seem obvious, innocent and public. Erik Formoe is a riddle teller. Each image may be thousand pictures. Each question he poses can lead to thousand responses, or a thousand new questions.

When I asked about his process of making a new piece of artwork he said;

I usually start with a simple sketch, directly on the canvas. From there, I work intuitively and abstract. At this stage, I work in big, expressive strokes. Slowly there is a balance developing, between colour, size and shape. Nothing is set, everything can still be changed. Often the painting undergoes several completely changing turnarounds. This process is an important, integrated part of every piece I make. After this stage, when the shape and colours are finally set, I work a lot with details, until I feel my painting is completed.

Want to know more about learn Erik Formoe? Visit his page at, or follow him at instagram with usename @formoeerik. His next exhibition opens later this month, 31st of October, at Galleri Ramfjord (Oslo, Norway).

Erik Formoe -

Erik Formoe with two of his paintings


2. To Be In A Connection by Sigrun Smogeli Ødegård 

To Be In A Connection by Sigrun Smogeli Ødegård -

To Be In A Connection – Acrylic on canvas – 80x100cm


What caught my attention in this painting was the rythm. The colour, the balance, the triangular composition. They all lead my eyes in a interesting way through the painting, and then make you restart the eye movement. And while in this rythm, through the painting, again and again, I start thinking about the figures in the painting. Who are they? How are they? Where are they going?

Ødegård says this about how she works when creating her art;

It’s difficult to describe. I work in a intuitive way, inspired by a feeling, a photograph or a sketch. While I’m working, the painting emerge little by little, finding it’s composition and purpose, almost by itself. 

To learn more about Ødegård, visit her home page at

Sigrun Smogeli Ødegård at her studio -

Sigrun Smogeli Ødegård at her studio


3.  Dusk by Petter Andreas Jørgensen 

Dusk by Petter Andreas Jørgensen -

Dusk – Acrylic and charcoal on canvas – 70x60cm


This is one of those rare moments where I don’t know what to say, nor what to do, and I just end up glaring, with a blank expression on my face, trying to figure out what I just saw, understand the sparkling and tingling feeling inside my head, and get a grip of the emotions this painting evokes. 

Calming braveness, soft understanding and a tingling restlessness. 

Words I would try using to describe the emotions. It speaks to the non-verbal part of me. You all know the saying “A picture can say more than a thousand words”. 

I say “Good art can give you more than a thousand feelings”.

Jørgensen said this when I asked about how the paintings evolve when he’s working;

The feeling I have inside me when I come to the studio dissapears from me while I paint. If I succeed I’ve managed to remove that feeling from myself and on to the canvas. What you see is what I carry inside me.

 If you’re curious and want to learn more about this artist, connect with him on facebook or instagram, or read about him here (in norwegian). His next exhibition will be in the beginning of next year, so keep an eye on his updates. 

Petter Andreas Jørgensen at his studio -

Petter Andreas Jørgensen in his atelier

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