If you’re like me, you love to have the possibilty to paint wherever you are. Not necessary doing it, but having the equipments ready if you do.

Watercolour Zipper Pouch by LearnArtBusiness.com

This zipper pouch holds everything I need to paint with watercolours on a travel.

So, travel size watercolour everything is the thing.


Watercolour Zipper Pouch Interior - Everything I need.

Interior of the zipper pouch for my watercolour travel set.

I have a small zipper pouch that holds everything I need to make a small watercolour painting, just about anywhere.


Watercolour Travel Paper in my Pouch - by LearnArtBusiness.com

The watercolour paper currently in my wtercolour zipper pouch

It holds a [eafl id=439 name=”Postcard watercolour pad” text=”postcard size watercolour pad”], a small pouch (with a few brushes, a pencil, an eraser and a [eafl id=440 name=”Koi waterbrush” text=”water brush”]), a tiny sketching book, some paper towel, a small water container with a lid (always filled with clean water).


Pouch with brushes

And of course, – it holds my self made travel size watercolour field set.

And I love it! Filled with the colours I love, in a box I like, and with a size that fits.


Custom made watercolour travel set - www.learnartbusiness.com

Self made small watercolour travel set

Making your own watercolour field set for traveling is easy. It has also several benefits.

You can fill it with your own favourite colours. I have different favourite brands for different colours, and so, I love making my own colour collection where I mix diferent brands.

Another benefit is that you can make different boxes for different colour sets. Like, you can have different field sets for different locations or styles, e.g. having one set for skin colours and portraits, and another for those rainy landscapes.


Perfect size, fits my palm - www.learnartbusiness.com

Perfect size, fits my palm .

The size also matters. You can make small sets or large sets, making that perfect set that fits your pocket, purse, suitcase, – or style.

It’s not even expencive. All you need is a somewhat flat box, deep enough to contain your chosen number of empty plastic half pans. (They cost about $0.30 each)

The box showm here was found at a sort of dollar store (nille). It was originally a card holder, but I took out all the plastic interior before I started.


Boxes that can be used for making tiny watercolour field sets - www.learnartbusiness.com

Boxes that can be used for making tiny watercolour field sets

These boxes will also become watercolour field sets. Both are small metal boxes for sweets. The black one will become a skin colours portrait set.
When you have your box ready, mske sure it’s clean and dry. Then just glue the half pans down in the box. When dry, take your favourite fluid watercolour paints (or mine) and fill the halfpans. Then let the colours dry. And you are done!

To remember which colours you’ve added where, it can be smart to make a list or chart, and glue it to the inside of the lid.


DIY Watercolour travel set - www.learnartbusiness.com

Make your own Watercolour field set for traveling travel

I hope this gave you the inspiration to make your own watercolour field set. If you need inspiration to which colours to add, stay tuned as I will follow up with some posts on different colour sets and how to mix them. In the meanwhile, I recommend reading this about some easy techniques when painting with watercolours.

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