Finding this book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards, instantly made me draw much better. Well, after I read a few pages obviously.

Those who have read my other blog might have heard me babbeling about painting without using the left side of the brain.

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The reason for that is that the left side of the brain is the center for strategic and logical thinking, analyzing everything around us.

Seeing a table you will recognize it as a table, and if you let your left brain hemishpere draw it, it will be drawn as the “conception” table, meaning a horisontal line with four legs.

The right side of the brain on the other hand will see the volume, shape, shadows and angles. If you let it.

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Problem is, we’re so used to let the left part dominate, that the right side is hardly allowed to speak when drawing or painting.

If you, like me, need help to encourage the right side of the brain to gain control when drawing, this book is totally for you


Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards

Hope you’ll enjoy the book as much as I do! 

Ps! If you, as me, like results fast, the book is available as an instant downloadable book at

(I can recommend their free ebook reader, which is quite sweet and easy, even allowing for making notes.)

Or, if you rather prefer the non-disturbing, distraction free, tangible book, you’ll get that right here.


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