1. Chocolate (oh, yes!) 
  2. Essential inspiration and energy. Need I say more?

  3. A wide, flat brush from Daler Rowney
  4. Smooth, yet resilient. It gives you the perfect sky, the smoothest ocean, the breathtaking mountains. And everything between. It’s a must-have.

  5. The watercolour paint Paynes Gray from Winsor & Newton
  6. This is my absolute favourite colour when painting rough coastal norwegian landscapes, seascapes, – and mindscapes. The colour is perfect for stormy weather with rainy, heavy fog. Steep, snowy mountains love it. And the cold and unpredictable ocean of the north is made of this colour pure.


In this watercolour painting, the main colour is Paynes Gray from Winsor & Newton, and I’ve used my favourite brush to shape the mountains, both the dark and translucent parts. 

(Painting: Room For Time, 2013)

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